PRESS RELEASES: How To Write Them. A PR Lesson For Beginners

  • If you’re not used to writing press releases or you want to get better at writing them this video is for you. I've done a video on this before but I get asked so much about them that I thought it worth a re-visit.  
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  • Do you know that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag? So it really is worth creating a hashtag strategy for your brand if you want to grow your account.  

How to Build a Successful Brand in 2020. My No.1 Tip

  • My new MASTERCLASS video is a must-watch if your goals are to: be more discoverable and standout from your competitors, double the growth of your social media reach and fast, educate customers on your products/ services, drive customer loyalty, drive your sales. If you answered yes to any of the above (if not all of the above!) then this free MASTERCLASS is for you. 

Social Media Marketing & Where to Start; Killer Tips for Beginners

 We're all over-whelmed by social media because it's constantly evolving. This PR MASTERCLASS has been created to help you to navigate the ever-changing waters of social media and stay ahead. I give you the five essential tips you should be actioning right now to keep visible, get your brand attention and grow your engagement. 

PR 101: The Three Golden Rules for PR Success

 There are three things that all PRs need to get right to successfully pitch their brand to editors and influencers. These three things are super important and super duper easy. In fact, rocket science they ain't. But I'm constantly surprised by the number of PRs who simply fail time and again to get these things right. Epic fails. You won't now that you've watched this video!

Social Media Marketing: How Beauty Brands Can Exploit The Power Of Pinterest

I’m super excited about PINTEREST because if it’s used strategically it can be an extremely powerful platform for beauty brands – driving awareness, traffic and sales. ‘Pinners’ (users) are on the ‘visual search engine’ (don’t say social media network whatever you do!) to be inspired. 

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies For Beauty Brands

Happy New Year! Let’s all make a resolution (although, generally I hate them and avoid them at all costs) that 2020 is the year we stop playing small. We are no longer going to be held back by limiting beliefs (mine is ‘who do you think you are? Of course you can’t do that, don’t be ridiculous) and instead shoot for the stars.  

The No1 Powerful & Successful Way To Win New Customers 

In this PR Masterclass I reveal the number one marketing and PR tactic that works – EVERY SINGLE TIME – to win new customers. And the best news? This is easy to execute, stress-free and won’t cost you much time and money. In-fact it won’t cost you much at all but if you invest your energy here – and mean it – then the rewards – new customer acquisition – are plentiful.  

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Standout From Your Competitors With My Competitive Analysis Framework

IIn this video I talk about the importance of conducting a competitor analysis – learning and understanding as much about your competitors as possible. This is incredibly important as it will enable you to work out how you’re going to be different to your competitors and how you’re going to uniquely stand-out in your market place and find your own voice.


 Watch this video to find out why I'm convinced TIK TOK is going to be as powerful a platform for brands as Instagram is. 

The Free Training Resources All Bootstrapping Business Owners Should Be Accessing

Let's talk PODCASTS. I use them as free training. And the golden gems I've discovered, and the experts behind them, have clued me up and kept me on top of my work-game. I get ideas, inspiration, motivation and education from these five game-changers. Get involved - because these Podcasts will change everything. 

Networking: 5 Easy & Stress-free Ways To Talk To Anyone

 Networking can be intimidating and scary. The good news is that you can talk to anyone. In this video I share the 5 strategies that have helped me reach out, engage and connect with people I don’t know and make life-long associations and grow my business.  

The One Thing That Always Works to Attract the Attention of a Journalist

 Here in this PR Masterclass video, I give the KILLER tip that works every time to establish that first connection. If you follow my advice you will go from being complete strangers with that journalist/influencer to well on the path to establishing a career-long relationship.

5 Quick & Easy Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following Today

 This is my first ever LIVE YOUTUBE video (bear with me, I'm obviously terrified) where I share the 5 easy to implement strategies you can deploy TODAY to increase your social engagement.  

How To Get Your Brand Into Christmas Gift Guides

 In this PR Masterclass, I share my step-by-step guide to getting your brand featured in these sales-driving guides. I give you the insider intel, insight and highly actionable steps you need to take to get your product on page/platform/channel.