The Beauty Hags: Our Fave Facemasks

I'm obsessed with facemasks - I love the ritual of them and the results they give. Facemasks feel like a proper beauty treat. In our latest Beauty Hags video we talk 'before the party' skin prep masks and 'after the party' skin recovery masks. Facemasks that exfoliate, hydrate, prime the skin for make-up application, tighten (temporarily) and plump your skin.

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When Facebook launched way back when the general response from people like us was 'this is for college kids, not for me'. And we all know how that ended so don't be too quick to write-off Tik Tok. Even if you don't want to dive-in 

The Beauty Hags: J & K Beauty Haul

In this video Nadine and I give our no nonsense take on J Beauty (Japanese Beauty) following my recent trip to Tokyo where I went on a beauty SPREE. There are some super skincare products here that are SKIN-CHANGING.

Emma Guns Podcast

Beauty journalist, podcaster (one of the very first beauty podcasters in the UK) and all round excellent human, Emma Gunavardhana invited me onto her show to talk all things beauty. 

We covered a lot of ground from brand-building, to Beauty Banks to learning to play Emma's organ! Emma's a friend so it's a super chill conversation but loaded with PR and brand-building insight and advice. 

Emma's Podcast Forum Facebook Group is definitely worth joining - it's a great community of like-minded beauty obsessives, obviously I'm in there :) 

The Beauty Hags: Pro-Long Your Summer Glow

I am regularly popping-up as a guest on big-time beauty influencer and journalist Nadine Baggott's YouTube channel. We take beauty seriously (sometimes), but we never take ourselves too seriously. The vibe of our content is real beauty, for real women in real life. We try to make the videos fun as well :) Check out Nadine's YouTube channel HERE - it's a goldmine of beauty brilliance. 

The Beauty Hags: Play make-up artist & it's not pretty :) 

The Beauty Hags: our de-hagging tips to liven up your skin

The Beauty Hags: our beauty classics