Dr Barbara Sturm Skin School With Hayley Bieber

One of my clients is skin doctor and brand owner Dr. Barbara Sturm. Here she is in conversation with Hayley Bieber talking about how acne-prone teens can treat and transform their challenging skin. So much useful and helpful information here.

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We share our favourite multi-tasking beauty products that we're loving right now. And I try them all on at once! 

The Beauy Hags: Best Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

We share our favourite multi-tasking beauty products that we're loving right now. And I try them all on at once! 

The Beauy Hags: Best Vegan Beauty Buys

In this video me and Nadine talk our best vegan beauty buys from make-up, to haircare to skincare. p.s. Yes my lips are navy! I don't like it much either but I love giving you guys a laugh!

5 Days of Vogue Beauty with Glossier

Vogue invited me to join their 'How to put your best face forward with Team Glossier' panel alongside their beauty and lifestyle director, Jess Diner, Frederique Harrel, Sal, and Lynette Said. It was a full-house and a lot of fun. 

The Beauty Hags: Face Saving Make-Up  

T At this time of year there's nothiyful than a bright lipstick and a 

The Beauty Hags: Best Beauty Rehab Buys 

Here are the products that are saving our hair, skin and nails right now. The creams, serums, oils and supplements that are putting the strength and moisture back into frizzy, broken split and damaged hair and broken over buffed nails, and crepey winter skin

In The Bathroom Series; Sali Hughes meets Emily Weiss, Founder & CEO Glossier

This video documents the meeting of two major beauty minds and all-round intelligent, aspirational women. My (then) client Emily Weiss, who founded the beauty disruptor - and now - 'unicorn brand', Glossier interviewed by my Beauty Wife, Sali Hughes for her well-known and much-lauded online beauty series, IN THE BATHROOM...

The Beauty Hags: 2019 Year In Review

This is a super fun and light-hearted review of the best in beauty in 2019. From Pat McGrath to Drunk Elephant to Huda Beauty, Drew Barrymore Flower Beauty, to Glossier and Victoria Beckham Beauty - it's all there. What a year! Bring on 2020!  

The Beauty Hags: Best Beauty Stocking Fillers

Here Nadine and I share our best beauty buys of the 2019 that make excellent stocking fillers for the beauty addict in your life. Or perhaps a little self-gifting??

The Beauty Hags: Our Fave Facemasks

I'm obsessed with facemasks - I love the ritual of them and the results they give. Facemasks feel like a proper beauty treat. In our latest Beauty Hags video we talk 'before the party' skin prep masks and 'after the party' skin recovery masks. Facemasks that exfoliate, hydrate, prime the skin for make-up application, tighten (temporarily) and plump your skin.

I'm on Tik Tok. Find me @beautyhag

When Facebook launched way back when the general response from people like us was 'this is for college kids, not for me'. And we all know how that ended so don't be too quick to write-off Tik Tok. Even if you don't want to dive-in 

The Beauty Hags: J & K Beauty Haul

In this video Nadine and I give our no nonsense take on J Beauty (Japanese Beauty) following my recent trip to Tokyo where I went on a beauty SPREE. There are some super skincare products here that are SKIN-CHANGING.

Emma Guns Podcast

Beauty journalist, podcaster (one of the very first beauty podcasters in the UK) and all round excellent human, Emma Gunavardhana invited me onto her show to talk all things beauty. 

We covered a lot of ground from brand-building, to Beauty Banks to learning to play Emma's organ! Emma's a friend so it's a super chill conversation but loaded with PR and brand-building insight and advice. 

Emma's Podcast Forum Facebook Group is definitely worth joining - it's a great community of like-minded beauty obsessives, obviously I'm in there :) 

The Beauty Hags: Pro-Long Your Summer Glow

I am regularly popping-up as a guest on big-time beauty influencer and journalist Nadine Baggott's YouTube channel. We take beauty seriously (sometimes), but we never take ourselves too seriously. The vibe of our content is real beauty, for real women in real life. We try to make the videos fun as well :) Check out Nadine's YouTube channel HERE - it's a goldmine of beauty brilliance. 

The Beauty Hags: Play make-up artist & it's not pretty :) 

The Beauty Hags: our de-hagging tips to liven up your skin

The Beauty Hags: our beauty classics