Online PR & brand-building Masterclasses for beauty start-ups & indie brands

Hello, I'm Jo Jones,

No-one can do a brand's PR better than its owner/founder/leader as no-one will can tell the brand's stories more authentically, passionately and powerfully than the person who has put their heart, soul, time and finances into their brand. 

What they may lack are the PR and brand-building skills to do their own PR. That's where PR Decoded comes in...I upskill start-ups and indie beauty brands with my two decades of PR and brand-building expertise so they can master and execute their own PR. 

Through online Masterclasses, Facebook Live tutorials and 'how-to' workbooks I enable and empower brands to manage their PR and power their business to the next level.  

You're no longer on your own - I'm in it with you. Let's do it!

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"Jo Jones is something of a legend in beauty PR, having been in the biz helping build brands for 20 years." 

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"One of the beauty industry's most influential heavyweights." 

Shannon Peter, Byrdie

"Jo is the best in the beauty business fullstop. There's no-one better at what she does and no-one I like more". 

Nadine Baggott, Journalist, Influencer

"Jo knows what it takes to build a brand and make it stand out and be seen. I trust her implicitly. She's also very fun to work with".

Sam McKnight - Session Stylist - Brand Owner