Hello! I'm Jo Jones,  

I upskill brands with the know-how and tools needed to master their own PR. 

My learn-at-home online Masterclasses share two decades of experience building brands from the ground up. 

I will help you to build your brand, to get it seen, make it standout, increase your sales and secure the endorsement of powerful media platforms and influencers. 

I'm in it with you.

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- You have an amazing brand but not enough people know about it yet  

- You don’t know where to start with PR and feel a bit intimidated by the whole thing  

- You don’t have the budget to invest in PR expertise but need it drive your brand’s awareness, desirability and sales  

- You’ve had some PR success but struggle to maintain momentum  

- You want to grow your social media presence but have reached an impasse and feel stuck  

Yes? Then you're in the right place. My PR & Brand-Building Masterclasses will transform your business. No previous experience required.  

Come on - let's do this!  

p.s. you must download my PR for Beginners workbook (see below) because it's free PR GOLD that will put you on the right track from day 1.  

What people say about Jo...

"Jo Jones is something of a legend in beauty PR, having been in the biz helping build brands for 20 years." 

Get The Gloss

"One of the beauty industry's most influential heavyweights." 

Shannon Peter, Byrdie

"Jo is the best in the beauty business fullstop. There's no-one better at what she does and no-one I like more". 

Nadine Baggott, Journalist, Influencer

"Jo knows what it takes to build a brand and then make it stand out and be seen. I trust her implicitly. She's fun to work with

Sam McKnight - Session Stylist - Brand Owner